During your visit at www.whitetowermodels.gr, in order to ensure the communication with us and you be able to order products it is possible for you to submit some personal data (name, profession, e-mail, birthdate etc). These data are going to be used only for operations inside our e-shop and by no way will be used from any third part, without respecting the articles of N.2472/97 about the protection of personal data.

The e-shop www.whitetowermodels.gr operates according with the current greek and european legistlation and it safely keeps your personal data as long as you are registered in our e-shop. Your personal data that you submit in our e-shop are being used from it only, aiming in better support and better provided services to you. These data is possible to be forwarded only to police, judge or other public services only after their demand and according to the current legislation.

Every visitor can browse to our site without giving any personal information. We will need your personal data (e-mail,username,password) only after you become a member and you proceed in ordering products. In addition we will ask some no required data such as cell phone or fax number and profession.

In short we ask only the information needed so that you enjoy a special buying experience: Safe payment and delivery of the products and specialized help based on your needs and preferences.

Whitetower Models is using session cookies: In order not to ask from you every time the password when you visit our pages, we must recognize you when you enter to our e-shop.

The management of the information given to us by you is taking place as follows:

We use your data in order to offer a better experience with the following ways:

  • To become a member to our site
  • To have access to previous and current orders of yours
  • To keep a list of products that you would like to buy
  • To receive newsletter with our products
  • To deliver your product to your place
  • To be able to confirm your orders
  • To be able we can answer to any questions of yours
  • We do not share or sell or let you personal data to third parties

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